|Monday, June 1, 2020
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New folk group looks ahead to Tenerife carnivals 

Santa Cruz is promoting the creation of a folk group for people at risk of social exclusion.

The “Music for social inclusion” project was launched at the end of November in the La Milagrosa social canteen for the integration through learning and musical interpretation of people in situations of vulnerability or at risk of social exclusion.
The programme has promoted the formation of a folk group with the users of this resource located in La Noria to favour their participation in society through musical language, which facilitates the expression and communication of feelings and emotions.
As highlighted by the president of the Municipal Institute of Social Care (IMAS), Marta Arocha, it seeks to generate “processes of change” in the members of the group and in “the community to which they belong” for social inclusion thanks to music , which is “a socialising agent itself” that fosters social relationships and skills, as well as group cohesion.
With the help of a musician who is transmitting the basic notions to them, the members of the group are using guitars, drums, tambourines and even glass bottles.
On the occasion of the inauguration of the nativity scene that the users made in La Milagrosa, the choir offered its first concert with the interpretation of several carols and, according to the IMAS CEO Carmen Acosta, its members were “very excited and happy with the involvement of the public” after taking a week rehearsing.
The folk group had a second performance in the church of La Concepción and their vocation is to continue. In fact, new challenges are already being raised, such as “preparing something for the next Carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife”.
The project “Music for social inclusion” has the participation of La Caixa and the financial contribution of IMAS.