|Saturday, August 8, 2020
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La Laguna ties up with Ibiza 

La Laguna and Ibiza have been sharing tourism and commercial strate-gies as World Heritage cities.

 Councillor for tourism and commerce of La Laguna council, María José Roca held a working meeting with her namesake of Ibiza town, Dessiré Ruiz. The aim was to share strategies and initiatives in tourism and commercial matters between both lo-cations that share the title of World Heritage from UNESCO. Ibiza currently also holds the presidency of the Group of Spanish World Heritage Cities.
María José Roca stressed that “we believe it is important that both places share their initiatives in the tourism and commercial fields, due to their double status as World Heritage and island cities.” The councillor stressed that “we have a common work to do, so we have established the basis for future meetings, in which joint actions are shared in both territories with the aim of making the most of the decoration held by both Ibiza and La Laguna.”