|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Kahl is looking for a home 

How cute is that face? Doesn’t he look like a good boy? That is because, that is exactly what he is. Meet Kahl.

For Game of Thrones fans, you will know where his name came from. Kahl’s story didn’t have a happy beginning. One Sunday morning, a few months ago, Fiona was driving up to start her day at K9. As she pulled up, she noticed a bag of food and a red blanket outside near the bench. As she was getting out of the car, she noticed a little pair of eyes looking at her from behind the bench. Another abandoned puppy. Fiona spoke calmly to him and within a few seconds he realised she was there to look after him and he showered her with kisses and affection.
He has been left outside the night before, not even tied up, just left to wander around and for some reason, he stayed near his blanket. Fiona named him Kahl and he became loved instantly by everyone at K9. He was still a puppy, but he was so loving and trusting to everyone who met him. He still is. He has grown now, as puppy’s do and is so willing to learn new things.
He has been going to a dog training class every week and does so well in these classes, showing how clever he can be and how well he can get on with other dogs. He loves to play and run around, and for a dog of his age and size, this is what he needs.
Everyone who comes to K9 and meets Kahl have an instant smile on their faces. He is such a sweet boy and everyone falls in love with him.
He did share with an older male dog, Mufasa, who has now been adopted and he was very sweet obedient boy and together they were matched well. He now shares with two other male dogs, who are currently reserv-ed and going to their forever homes soon which means Kahl will be left on his own again.
Can you offer him a forever home? If you go on to our Facebook page you will see further pictures and videos of Kahl here. He is looking for his forever home. He didn’t deserve to left outside our gate, not knowing what he had done wrong.
He can be easily trained with patience and the right person who wants to help him learn. He shows so much love to everyone, can you show him the love he deserves also? Come and meet him at K9, any day between 9.30am-1.30pm. We really really recommend that you meet him!
Just another reminder to all our UK supporters to share our online shop with all your friends and family and help to support K9. The shop link is on our website www.k9tene-rife.eu. You can also see all our dogs, puppies, kittens and cats who are all looking for their forever homes. Thank you all for your continued support.