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Global changes needed but what are the predictions for Puerto de la Cruz 

All the festivities are over, thankfully, as they did seem to drag on a bit this year. Of course, this is just my own personal opinion; I am sure for many, those who would welcome one long party, it was over all too soon. I no longer fit that mold, I am not sure I ever did, and as the years go by my apathy towards the whole ‘event’ grows stronger, a feeling not helped by the fact that ‘when in Spain’, there are two bites to be taken from the proverbial apple, Christmas effectively comes twice as both Santa and Los Tres Reyes arrive bearing gifts.

Still this is all in the past; I’ll not look back, nor reflect on it any further, not when there is a new year to look forward to, and not just a new year, a whole new decade as well, one from which we should be expectant of good things, if we take notice of Boris that is, personally I welcome in the 2020’s with a little more trepidation.
Let me look at global issues for a moment, I know that this column is about local issues, but they are connected, if only by their differences, if that makes any sense. Climate change will be prominent.  It’s already here, though some major countries refuse to recognise it. Extreme weather conditions prevail throughout the world, and within Europe, Spain has been hit particularly hard.  It is only ever going to get worse and politics has to shoulder the blame for not reacting to the signals early enough.
Politics is my other worry, with more countries not just leaning towards, but fallen over themselves to welcome the extreme right back into the mainstream political world. And as the centre ground appears to be disappearing the only credible opposition is left wing, a recipe for civil unrest, as the many, (the Have Not’s) challenge the few, (the Have’s) for power. It is happening already throughout Europe as we speak.
I guess I should also mention the ‘Trump’ effect on world stability, but to be honest, words fail me, so I’ll pass or take a rain check and perhaps return to it at a later date. I will however quickly mention Boris, someone who I view in the same vein as his mate Donald, or should I say to be more exact Boris’s  Brexit  as without Brexit there would be no Boris  and vice versa, mores the pity. I would quite happily have neither, but there wasn’t really a credible alternative on offer. It was the only election for me where I didn’t know in which box to put my X. (I left the UK less than 15 years ago so was still eligible to vote)
I didn’t make a new year’s resolution. I suppose if I had it should have been to have shown more interest in Brexit and the effect it will have on all expat Brits. The truth is though, I chose to adopt the head in the sand approach, convinced that it will all turn out right on the night, which I am sure it will be. However,  that opinion was conceived  pre Boris, and I can’t see how  Brits living abroad is going to be very high on the Boris list of things to reach agreement on, assuming, that is, he has a list, or a desire to reach agreements.      
I have waffled on about the world at large for long enough and not presented a very rosy picture, but luckily for me I have chosen to live in Puerto de la Cruz where so many of the problems that exist in the real world  seem to pass right on by. So locally, what am I expected to happen here within the next decade, any life changing events. Honestly, I can’t see much, change comes very slowly to Puerto de la Cruz.
Firstly  though let me just give my opinion on some of the ‘big Issues’ that have been hanging over the town for some time None of which I should say are major concerns to me, but others in the town feel strongly about them, so it is only right to include them. Once again I stress these are only my opinions. I will not bore you for too long as I think the best way to deal with this is by a series of one liner’s.
You will be able to swim in the new Municipal Pool before 2030. However, changes to the plans might have been made before it is completed.
The new Muelle Project ten years on will still be dead in the water.
Hotel Taoro will have reopened, it will be good to see the building back in use, but it will add very little to the prosperity of the town as a whole.
I hope to be able to enjoy a concert in the new Parque San Francisco building, only by then I am sure its name will have changed, it will most probably be called the Brito Centre, or be named after some such other worthy.
The new bus station will be 10 years old and still be in use. However, the old one will remain.
The extension to Jardin Botanico will continue be work in progress.
Playa Martianez will still be waiting for its makeover.
The new bathrooms at Playa Jardin should be completed.  I’m joking; they should be back in use any time now. That’s another joke, by the way.
Phase 1 of the Casa Tolosa renovation will be complete and they will be working on Phase 2, whatever that may be.
The Iders building will still be standing.
I will be 10 years older and still moaning, hopefully that is.
Although, I think Puerto de la Cruz shouldn’t be measured simply by its ability to carry out construction projects. There is more to infrastructure than bricks and mortar, or concrete in the case of Puerto.  In the past there has been too much emphasis placed on ‘look at what we’ve done and not enough on what needs to be done.  I for one welcomed the change in the team within the town hall, I think on the whole they are moving the town in the right direction and look forward to the next three and a half years of their tenure. Hopefully by the time of the next election they will have achieved enough to ensure they continue.
I mentioned climate change earlier and suggested that it is only going to get worse, but I  have to say, if ever there is a place to harbour doubters then surely it is here. We enjoy such a temperate climate that at times it is hard to contemplate the weather extremes others are experiencing. It is very easy to adopt the not in my back yard attitude.
Last year our local council formally recognised there is a climate problem and I think that on the whole everyone is aware and accepts the fact, but can’t see how they can do anything about it. If you feel you need to make a new year’s resolution why not make it to reduce your carbon footprint. How do you measure it? I haven’t a clue, but how to reduce it is obvious. I started changing my lifestyle a few years ago, so what I am about to suggest comes second nature to me. I am not suggesting it is the right way, but it is the right way for me. I will never be a tree hugging eco warrior or join a protest march, but I am happy to be doing my bit. Could I do more? Yes I am sure I could, however, I am happy where I’m at.
I am not a vegetarian, never will be, but my diet consists mainly of plant based foods. I like to think I eat a healthy diet, one which includes meat at least once a week; however, I very rarely eat red meat. I buy locally grown and avoid pre-packed and processed foods. I buy what I need, not what I want, and never throw food away.  My fridge is more likely to be nearly empty than nearly full.
I recycle, I separate all my rubbish. If you don’t, just try it for a week, you will be amazed at how much plastic there is. Did you know that Spain is one of the worst countries in Europe for recycling and the Canary Islands are one of its worst regions? Personally, I think recycling is not the answer, governments should be targeting the producers rather than the consumers, but consumers can play their part by boycotting products with excessive packaging.
I walk short distances rather than take the car, I save energy whenever possible. My wardrobe has diminished; I now only buy clothes to replace others that have worn out. I avoid impulse buys and stay away from the shops during the sales.
It is not rocket science, and I am not preaching from the pulpit, at the moment how individuals react to the concept of climate change is still one of  their choice, but if we don’t all do our bit how long will it remain that way.