|Friday, August 7, 2020
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Fantasy world poster for La Orotava carnival 

Thoughts are already turning to carnival ce-lebrations 2020 and La Orotava has its official poster.

The Mixed Carnival Commission, composed of all the representatives of the villa groups and the carnival groups of the municipality itself, has chosen the poster that announces the upcoming parties in honour of Don Carnal and which will be held in the Villa between February 21st and March 1st.
The poster announcing the 2020 Carnival parties of La Orotava is the work of Jonás Emmanuel Hernán-dez Plasencia, a 30-year-old young man who is a senior technician in art, design and illustration.
The work, a digital illus-tration, is entitled “The Villa of Fantasy.” All the elements that compose it have been drawn and coloured sepa-rately. According to the author, with this poster “we try to transmit a fantasy world, where goblins and fairies are mixed that play with carnival masks and confetti in a mysterious, almost alien place, although it is clearly seen that this place is La Orotava, since that in the work the city council appears and the houses next to it ”.
The Mixed Carnival Co-mmission chose this work among the eight works presented. Over the past few months, it has met on several occasions to outline the programme. As always there will be the traditional acts such as the Cosote Apotheosico, the burning of Crispin and the traditional dance of Piñata in San Juan.
The Commission will meet again shortly to finish pro-gramming details.