|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Drug traffickers used hotel to hold planning meetings 

An organisation of drug traffickers operating in Galicia, Madrid and Alicante has been dismantled in a joint operation with Colombia and Spain.

Police seized more than 1,300 kilos of cocaine from Colombia which they intended to distribute in Spain. The detainees are experienced drivers who had high-end cars so they could make a quick escape if detected by the police.
Ten people have been arrested in Galicia and Madrid, two raids were made at the hotel where they based their operations and in a vehicle buying and selling workshop and 550,000 euros and ten luxury vehicles were interv-ened.
The investigation began at the beginning of June last year when the agents detected a criminal organisation that intended to introduce a ton and a half of cocaine from into Spain, initiating a joint inves-tigation with the Colombian authorities.
For the reception and distribution of the drug, the organisation used a group of dangerous criminals that had been operating together for many years. Its members had numerous police records, including homicides, robbe-ries, money laundering, crimes against traffic safety, documentary falsification and attack on the authority, some of them with more than 50 police records
After several weeks, it was detected that drug traffickers used to hold meetings in Madrid, where some of those investigated were settled, and once finished they moved to Alicante or Galicia at high speed in the morning. However, in one of these meetings it was confirmed that instead of returning to their cities of residence they had chosen a hotel to concentrate as a base of operations. Later the agents of the investigation also found a workshop for the purchase and sale of vehicles which supplied them with large displacement cars to carry out their operations.