|Monday, December 6, 2021
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Don’t forget oral health in your New Year’s resolutions! 

Both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the dental commu-nity make it clear: caries and periodontal and peri-implant diseases are a real public health problem. WHO reveals in its reports that untreated caries in adults affects 35% of the world’s population, placing it in the first position in the ranking of chronic noncommu-nicable diseases. Meanwhile, periodon-titis will affect 11.2% of the population, and occupies the sixth position among the chronic diseases with the highest incidence.

According to the team of the specialised clinic of the north of Tenerife, Artedental of Puerto de la Cruz, “our mouth is full of bacteria that live in perfect harmony with us, being benign. However, bad habits such as smoking, excessive consumption of sugars and poor hygiene on the one hand; as well as risk factors such as genetics or systemic diseases on the other, cause an imbalance that becomes harmful to oral health, such as caries or periodontal diseases ”.
If left untreated, they cause pain and discomfort and we should not underestimate their effects. In the worst cases you can lose teeth and affect interpersonal relationships.
In fact, their treatments are not cheap. These diseases occupy the fourth position among the pathologies with more expensive treatments.
The experts and interna-tional organisations agree, the best treatment is prevention, which has two main focuses: “Visit the dentist at least once a year to detect them in time and control of hygiene in the mouth,” stresses Artedental.
Both methods aim to reduce or eliminate the bacterial plaque and are able, in addition to preventing, to reverse the progress of these pathologies. Brushing is indisputably beneficial in reducing both diseases when fluoride dentifrices are used.
Given the seriousness of the problem and its effects on personal relationships, aesthetics and health, the new purposes of 2020 should include, in addition to diet, subscription to the gym or quitting tobacco, visits to the dentist and the control of hygiene, because its shortage could have very harmful results.