|Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Canary president calls for solidarity in 2020 

The Canary Islands have been urged to stay strong and united as 2020 brings a whole new set of challenges, includ-ing the way ahead for tourism, Brexit and a possible economic slow-down.

In a New Year message, president of the archipelago Angel Víctor Torres Pérez says society will be put to the test but no-one should rest on their laurels.
He admits that 2020 will not be an easy year but insists “a better Canary Islands IS possible.”
“We can’t be content. We must aspire to more. We must long for everything good,” he has urged.
In his New Year message, Sr. Pérez says the path to a new Canaries began a few months ago but it had not been an easy start, with a chain of events putting the archipelago to the test.
First, there had been the devastating fire in Gran Canaria last August when thousands of people had to be evacuated from their homes as the flames swept the summit, causing major damage.
Then, Tenerife had faced a huge electricity blackout which left most of the island in the dark for hours and caused widespread conster-nation.
“And finally, another cha-llenge, the bankruptcy of tour operator Thomas Cook,” said the president.
He feels the crisis had been dealt with effectively “but it made us more aware of our fragility and the need to review our tourist model.”
“All this in just six months. And honestly, as president and as citizen, I was tou-ched by the way in which the Canary Islands have been able to react with integrity, maturity and effectiveness in front of all those problems,” he said. “The key has been in unity of action, in solidarity and in the effort. They are the values that accompany the Canaries both inside and outside our land.”
Sr. Pérez said there could be an economic slowdown because of Brexit and climate change would be a real challenge. There would also be the migrants’ crisis to deal with, with more and more boats arriving each week from Africa and domestic violence remained a real problem, as did the dis-tribution of wealth.
However, he believes the Canaries will respond in the best way possible as the archipelago had always been isolated and faced its own battles, making solidarity the key to success.