|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Two arrests and 56 implicated in “professional titles” fraud 

National Police agents have arrested two people in Salamanca who granted private security professional titles in exchange for money.

In addition, another 56 people have been investigated in various parts of the country, including the Canaries, for their possible involvement.
The ringleaders are said to have requested an economic consideration from security guards to obtain the title of a course related to their sector, without the need to carry out the training action. They were also responsible for preparing the training titles for which they have been arrested for documentary falsehood as well as for a crime of fraud.
The investigation began following several complaints in Vitoria that reported fraud related to training courses for security guards. With the first inquiries, police found out that professional titles were being delivered in exchange for an economic consideration and without the need for prior training. Likewise, on many occasions, the private security sector worker who received the degree ignored the illegality of such activity.
The investigation has culminated in the arrest in Salamanca of the two responsible for the preparation and delivery of the training titles.
Those arrested, who were accredited personnel for the formation of the private security sector, have been charged with a crime of document falsehood and a crime of fraud. In addition, 122 people in several Spanish provinces – Avila, Zamora, León, Palencia, Toledo, Tenerife, Valencia and Orense – have given statements, of which 56 have been investigated for their possible involvement in the events.