|Monday, July 6, 2020
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Stop this constant stream of illegal boat arrivals from Africa! 

The Canary Islands are pressing for more border controls in the face of a constant new stream of arrivals of illegal immigrants to the beaches of the archipelago.

A formal request has been made to the Spanish Government to ask the African countries at source to in-troduce new policies and tighten up security.
Canary Executive spokes-man, Julio Pérez (PSOE) said the checks put in place “in the bad years of immigration” have decreased which has surprised all the bodies involved who have to deal with the constant arrival of small boats to the Canaries. Over the last fortnight, there have been arrivals virtually every day.
The government spokesman said border control is a competence of the State, which is why he has demanded that Spain “intensifies and activates the policies of action at source”.
He has also advocated joint patrols with the police of African countries and the continued presence of representatives of the Spanish Government in those countries.
As for the origin of the people who have arrived in the Canary Islands, he has detailed that the percentage of Maghreb has increased with respect to the Subharians.
In 2017, 80 Maghreb and 107 sub-Saharan people arrived in the Canary Islands, in 2018 the Maghreb became 643 compared to 159 sub-Saharan; and so far this year 2019, 648 Maghreb and 675 Subharians have arrived.
This increase in the number of people from the Maghreb is due, according to Julio Pérez, to the fact that the border control device of the Spanish Government has lowered its intensity and, at the same time, more means have been put in the Mediterranean, where 50% of migratory movements have been cut. Unfortunately, it has meant illegal immigrants using another route instead ie towards the Canaries.
The government spokes-man has reported that from January 1st, 2019 until November 26th, a total of 1,546 people have arrived in the Canary Islands in boats from Africa, 262 of them minors. In addition 13 have died in the attempt.
Of the total number of people who have arrived in the Canary Islands by this route, if the number of deceased persons is eliminated and of the minors who by law have the right to stay on the islands, “just over” 50% will be returned to their countries of origin.
According to the Statute of Autonomy, he recalled that it is the responsibility of the Government to provide care to people who arrive in the Canary Islands from Africa in pateras, just as other people who need it are cared for.
He has also asked for thoughts to turn to housing the immigrants in specific places as they “cannot