|Monday, December 6, 2021
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Some festive tips you DO want to take heed of for your teeth! 

Christmas excesses will not only increase your weight, they can also cause dental fractures, cavities, bleeding and even the fall of dentures, bridges and veneers.

It’s Christmas already. As every year, magazines and the press offer an endless list of tips so that the excessive consumption of this era does not wreak havoc on health. Tips that most will not follow. However, many continue in their efforts to report what is best for health. In this case, dental. The Artedental clinic illustrates a series of common situations at this time in which our teeth can be involved, and which can be very harmful.
Apart from the usual hygiene advice for maintaining oral health (brushing after each meal, especially after dinner; avoiding excess sugar and cleaning the tongue), Artedental recommends being cautious with the following habits:

 Constant picking
Visits, children at home. During Christmas there is a constant protagonist and it is the offer and acceptance of sweets in someone else’s house. The hygienist staff insists that it is better to fill up with candy and chocolates during meals than to pick constantly. Cavities are caused by the effect of the acid that sugars contain on teeth, and this will have more impact by frequency than by volume.

In addition to picking, toffee
This candy has the peculiarity of adhering very annoyingly to the teeth. It seems silly, but if you have had some kind of restorative treatment, such as the placement of a crown, a veneer, a bridge, fillings or even if you wear a denture, these prostheses can come off. The main consequence will be aesthetic at a time of the year in which everyone pretends to be radiant, but it will also be functional, because the bite will not fulfill its mission and can cause discomforts such as migraines.

Cut the adhesive tape with your teeth
Bad very bad. We always leave the task of wrapping gifts for the last moment. And the scissors to cut the tape? They are probably under a pile of glossy paper with illustrations of Star Wars or Disney princesses. In that case, we will use our teeth. Well, know that the pressure that is exerted at that time on the teeth can weaken and fracture the crowns. Think twice before abusing this habit.

Use and abuse of toothpicks
How annoying it is to be in someone else’s house and have some food trapped between your teeth. You will look for a toothpick between the cups that are still on the table and rummage until you find the culprit of the inconvenience. The use of sharp objects can cause bleeding to deep wounds, and therefore infections. The best thing you can do to prevent these situations is to leave home with the basic dental hygiene kit (toothbrush and travel toothpaste or floss if you prefer) and avoid further damaging your dentures after a dinner full of sweets.