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Servicing your car 

Regular car servicing, whilst seeming sometimes an expense you put at the back of your mind, can in the long term actually save you money. Having your car regularly serviced can make the difference to smooth running and efficient and save fuel, plus the risk of an unexpected breakdown.

The service schedule of your car is normally determined by the manufacturer’s guideline from new and if followed correctly (although if the recommendation is for 10,000 kms for example and you have done 10,500 there is not a major issue) can save you money and identify early signs of adverse wear on your brakes, tyres, potential small oil or water leaks to name but a few things. If your car has a service light and it is on it’s the car’s way of saying “hey I need a review”. If a person feels unwell or off colour we would normally seek help from a medical expert, same applies to your car.
One of the major issues we come across is when people drive their vehicles with little or no oil for extended period of time, i.e. because they do not check the levels, which of course is the owner’s responsibility. If you drive for long periods without oil you CAN severely damage the head gasket or the pistons and when and if they break the repairs can be extremely costly. Costings in these circumstances often cannot be given until the engine is stripped to see the precise damage that has been caused.
A car service can involve many component checks, at Motorworld we offer three levels of servicing. Main dealers and independent garages of course have their own schedules but the amount of component checks can be upwards from 40 points.
Whilst a service is not a legal requirement it is highly recommended.
Some people may ask, does a car service improve my car’s performance?
The short answer is likely yes. Having clean oil in your engine means that the performance is likely to contribute to an engine’s life.

So, what happens if you don’t change oil for a long time?
Firstly, the oil will become dirty and the engine will probably run too hot, meaning it is running less efficiently and as time goes on it CAN CAUSE engine components to warp or wear out. Eventually of course the engine is likely to stop completely.