|Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Sani needs a new home 

It is never easy when couples break up and go their separate ways. Hearts are broken and there is a lot of stress and uneasiness. Unfortunately, if there is a pet in the house, they usually suffer also, through no fault of their own.

One part of the couple do try and make it work for their pet, but sometimes this is not always possible either. Nearly two years ago now, in February 2018, this beautiful boy was brought to K9 for this reason.
This boy, whose name is Sani, is 5 years old and is a boxer/presser mix. He is a large dog. He also has heartworm, which is being treated on an on-going basis at K9. Sani has a lot of love to give, but has not been given the chance to show it. Why? Sani like a lot of our dogs at K9, can be fearful of new people and especially men. When some new volunteers come to our kennels to walk the dogs, they like to walk through and see all the dogs we have, and slowly fall in love with them all. Sani who lives in the last kennel is the last to be seen and people are automatically gravitated towards him. I am not surprised, for he is a truly handsome boy. If Sani does not know you, he will bark out of fear but most people mistake this for aggression which can understandably put people off. Do you want to get to know Sani? To discover how truly wonderful this boy is? Please come up and meet him in K9. Have patience with him, let him get to know you and you will be so full of love for this boy. Once Sani knows you, he is a great dog. He is very obedient, and always comes when you call him. He is a joy to walk on and off the lead and when he is welcomed to, he gives very good cuddles! When our volunteers take Sani for a walk and put his lead on first in the kennel, he will take the lead in his mouth and almost bring you out of the kennels, as if to say “Come on, lets go for a walk”. It is a very funny sight to witness and this is one of the many qualities we love about Sani. He needs a second chance. He needs to be shown that there a good, loving people out there who want to give him a good home. He can be ok with some dogs, and not ok with others, but he doesn’t really react to other dogs, unless provoked. If you are interested in getting to know Sani and welcoming him into your home, please call up to K9, any day, between 9.30-1.30.