|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Police make new arrests in fight against counterfeit money 

National Police have broken up a group in Alicante dedicated to the distribution of counterfeit money.

Six people have been arrested for introducing illegal five-euro bills not only nationally but also internationally.
Investigations began in 2015 due to the significant increase in counterfeit copies, mainly in the province of Alicante. Since then, different operations have been carried out.
“The investigation process has been complex because five-euro bills are not usually studied by the general public because of their low value, so there are usually no complaints,” said a police spokesman. “ For this reason, the information received only arrived through false notes that were detected in the financial circuit.”
National Police opened different lines of investigation that allowed the detection of counterfeit bills throughout the national territory, mainly in Madrid, the Valencian Co-mmunity, Andalusia and Catalonia, but also in Portugal. These police efforts led to the identification of several individuals with a police record for similar events.
Two simultaneous raids were carried out in the Alicante capital. In one of the properties, 526 false five euro notes were found.
“With this operation, one of the oldest organisations dedicated to the dis-tribution of counterfeit money is dismantled,” said the police spokesman. This intervention adds to a similar one carried out two weeks before in Granada, where an individual was arrested, and another in Huelva, where a clandestine printing press dedicated to the counterfeiting of five, ten, 20 and 50 euro bills was dismantled.