|Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Paedophile suspect in Tenerife among eight arrested across Spain 

A lengthy investigation by Spanish police has revealed the breadth of deception paedophiles are going to in order to stalk out young victims, including one man in Tenerife who pretended to be a casting agent and terminally ill.

The research took two years and was instigated by an email from a worried mother to the confidential hotline of denuncias.porn-ografía.infantil@policía.es which is completely confi-dential and particularly spot-lights on the dangers of the social network.
One of the girls involved, aged 13, had reportedly made the mistake of posting suggestive pictures of herself online which prompted the attention of several paedo-philes. Police identified nine different individuals who had not only requested and obtained sexual material from the child but also planned a physical meeting in order to have sexual relations with her.
Eight people have been arrested in different provinces of the Spanish geography for sexually harassing underage girls through the Internet.
One of the detainees, 33 years old and resident in Tenerife, impersonated a woman to gain the child’s trust. He then tricked her into saying that she had a terminal illness and her desire to meet her best friend. After gaining her trust, he sent adult pornography with the intention of assuming any type of sexual conduct on the network and, finally, requested images of a sexual nature. The investigated, in addition, tried to meet with the girl, although the encouner never happened thanks to the police intervention.
In Tarragona, police arrested another 26-year-old male who had sent, at least, photographs of his own genitals. In this case, the detainee had assumed the role of a young boy in a bid to set up sexual encounters.
One of the ringleaders was in Madrid, placing adver-tisements on the social network to say he was a casting agent for a well-known lingerie company. These were answered by many girls who were attracted to the offer. Police identified a total of eight victims, in different Spanish provinces, between 12 and 16 years of age.
Anyone with suspicions is being urged to make contact using the private email. Their details would remain anony-mous.