|Saturday, August 8, 2020
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New warnings over use of personal mobility vehicles 

Spain’s driving directorate has issued new instructions over the use of personal mobility vehicles.

“The objective is to establish clarifying criteria for users, city councils and agents of the authority until the formal regulation, currently in process, is published,” said a spokesman for the DGT.
The department says it is necessary to explain what users can or cannot do due to the increase in personal mobility vehicles, especially in urban areas. A formal law is being discussed in the European Union.
A VMP is a vehicle with one or more wheels equipped with a single seat and propelled exclusively by electric motors that can provide the vehicle with a maximum speed of between six and 25 km / h.
Authorisation is not needed to drive them or mandatory insurance, therefore, points will not be deducted from the driver.

However, criteria they are subject to include:
•An obligation to undergo alcohol and drug tests and fines if over the limit. If the driver is positive for alcohol or drugs, the VMP is immobilised, as is the case with other vehicles.
•A ban on using the mobile phone or any other communication system manually.
• No use of headphones connected to receiving devices or sound players.
• Helmet and other protection elements. In the absence of a regulation in the General Circulation Regulation, the use of these elements will be governed by the provisions of the corresponding Municipal Ordinance.
• VMP and other electrically powered light vehicles are only authorised to transport one person, so that the movement of two people is punishable.
• It will be considered negligent and therefore punishable to drive at night without lights or garments or reflective elements.
• In the case of infractions committed by persons under 18 years of age, the parents or guardians will be jointly liable for the infraction committed by the minor.