|Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Mother killed by falling palm tree 

A 37-year-old woman died in a freak accident during storms in Mallorca when she was crushed by a falling palm tree on the seafront whilst on her way to celebrate mass .

The tragedy happened in the capital of Palma, near the cathedral, as the Balearics were hit by strong gusts of winds.
An investigation is underway but according to the local council, the tree had been checked recently and showed no signs of disease or instability. All other trees in the area were subsequently inspected again.
The woman was Brazilian and was with her ten-year-old daughter and her partner whom she was planning to marry. She had moved to Mallorca six months ago. They had either just been or were intending to attend mass at the famous Palma cathedral.
It is understood a huge chunk of the palm tree fell on the woman during the storm, knocking her unconscious to the ground. Both her daughter and her partner witnessed the incident as they were walking behind her and had to be treated by medics for distress. The girl was taken to hospital.
Police, a fire crew and medics had rushed to the scene and found the woman was in cardiac arrest. Emergency personnel tried to save her life but she could not be revived.