|Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Major waterworks planned for Adeje 

Adeje has unanimously approved an agreement with the Insular Council of Waters of Tenerife for the execution of various hydraulic actions in the municipality for an amount of ten million euros.

The agreement was presented as a matter of urgency in order to have the budget transferred by the Cabildo within this fiscal year of 2019 and start the work as soon as possible.
“Adeje council has spent more than 30 years investing in the development and updating of the entire water cycle and I am in a position to ensure that it is the best Canary system by far. One of the main concerns of this group of Government is the water and its treatment, both of the wastewater, which can be purified and reused for irrigation, as of the water supply. In Adeje we have opted, and will continue to do so, for desalinated water, which is the most responsible and sustainable way of providing water to all citizens, ”explained the Mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga.
The economic contribution of each administration will be distributed as follows: Adeje council will invest 3,173,858 euros and the Insular Council of Waters will finance 6,977,925 euros for the execution and construction management, and health and safety coordination.
The agreement includes several projects that in some cases will be executed simultaneously. The main works are limited to the district of Callao Salvaje, specifically the area of Sueño Azul, thus anticipating the next population increases that are expected in this nucleus. “It is our responsibility to plan for the future, to anticipate the demand so that when it occurs we can give the appropriate response,” said the Mayor.
The hydraulic planning included in the agreement establishes that the Sueño Azul waters are transported to the Adeje-Arona Regional Waste-water Treatment Plant (WWTP) for biological treatment, thus complying with European Directive 91/271 on the treatment of urban wastewater.
This planning entails the realisation of a set of hydraulic infrastructures, such as a new wastewater pumping station (EBAR), collectors and impellers that will allow increasing the capacity to transport the waters from Callao Salvaje to collector 1 and then direct them to the plant for treatment. All these actions will complement the purification and discharge system of Adeje-Arona.
In addition to the in-frastructures that have to do with sanitation, the agreement includes the conduction of desalinated water between the desalination plants of Fonsalía and that of Adeje-Arona, which in several sections coincide with those outlined in the aforementioned actions. Given the coincidence in the layout of the pipes, on the one hand, of sanitation water and on the other of desalinated water, both administrations have decided to carry out the works simul-taneously to minimise the inconvenience that may be caused to the citizens affected by the work .
After the approval of the agreement by the Insular Council of Water, the process of adjudication by public tender of the different projects contemplated in the agreement will begin.