|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Lottery booth investigation after worker found dead inside 

An investigation is underway after the body of a young charity worker reported missing by his family was found ten days later inside the tiny booth where he sold lottery tickets for the blind.

The family of Miguel Rodríguez Garzón reported him missing in Madrid but claim no-one bothered to look inside the city centre box. He was only discovered by chance by a cleaning com-pany on the tenth day of his disappearance. The blinds of the kiosk were down so no-one noticed anything strange.
The association for the blind, ONCE says they collaborated from the start with the family when they reported his disappearance and are currently investi-gating the circumstances surrounding his death.
The organisation SOS Desaparecidos (SOS Dis-appeared) had put out an alert for the 28-year-old and posters were displayed throughout Madrid city centre when he failed to return home from selling the lottery tickets.
According to the dis-appearance poster, Miguel needed medication for dia-betes, had a limp arm but was not blind.
He worked at two of the charity’s kiosks but reportedly not at the one in which his body was found.
The CSIF and CCOO unions have both filed official com-plaints to the Labour In-spectorate, alleging violation of labour laws and regulations. The unions claim charity workers did go to the kiosk but “did not bother” to look inside.
A post mortem has revealed he died of cerebral edema the morning after his disappea-rance.