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Do you need hearing aids but don’t know if you are going to adapt? Are you in Spain and want to make a purchase with after-sales service in case you return to your country? Do you feel too lazy to make an appointment and go to your hearing centre every two by three? Do you have poor mobility, or do not have a car, or do not like relying on someone to take you to your medical checkups?

We present the solution: Beltone Trust are personalised hearing aIDS to facilitate the experience, to improve your hearing.

They are high-end aids, very aesthetic, resistant, with exceptional sound, a discreet design, and with the possibility of being able to control and adjust it from your mobile, through a free application. This application incorporates “remote care”, it is a communication tool with your hearing care professional from anywhere in the world.

The hearing care pro-fessional will remotely adjust what you request, just send a message, he will correct the changes and upload it to the cloud, once you download it, the changes will automatically be applied to your hearing aid.

The human body has even and symmetrical anatomical parts, the fact of having two ears is not something casual, the joint work of both makes us able to interpret the environment, locate the sound, orient and balance ourselves, that is why binaural adaptation is always important. The brain is the one that encodes the signals recorded by each ear and enables the person to selectively listen and understand the environment.

There are many hearing aids in the market, and depending on the investment we make they will have advantages, dis-advantages and limitations. Beltone Trust is part of high-end hearing aids and incorporates several revolutionary innovations that help you listen in a natural way: Personal Sound ID and Directionality Crosslink II.

Personal sound ID: Restores differences in sound level between both ears, thus allowing us to better identify the source of the sound source, recognise voices, improve conversation.

Crosslink II Directionality: Offers a customised audition, particularly for each user, the hearing aid monitors the sound environment and adapts, automatically chang-ing the configuration.

Advanced Smart Gain: Adjusts the volume auto-matically, offering the best quality according to the environment in which we are, for example: busy restaurant / disco or in a quiet park / beach.

Feedback Suppressor: Annoying beeps and un-pleasant sounds when talking on the phone or giving a hug are over.
Ear-to-ear synchronisation: Allows the person to move from a noisy to quiet environment in a gentle way.

HPF80 Nanoblock Coating: Blocks moisture and dirt.

Noise Reducer: Ideal for windy days, breezes or adverse weather conditions.

There are several studies that confirm that Beltone Trust hearing aids facilitate speech comprehension significantly, especially when you want to listen to someone behind or next to you.

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