|Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Four arrests as police break up DAESH support network 

Police in Spain and Morocco joined forces to crack a support network for DAESH and made four arrests.

The suspects, led by a 31-year-old Moroccan living in Guadalajara, used the social network and secure messag-ing sites to spread “violent messages”, showing how to make bombs and carry out attacks.
Police said they also took part in regular night-time meetings at homes in Melilla and Morocco which were attended by other individuals who shared their radical views.
The aim of the cell was not only to spread the Jihadist message but to recruit and indoctrinate new members.
The leader adopted numerous security measures in his online activities and communications as a form of protection, among others, using secure instant messag-ing applications, different mobile phone lines and the use of the internet through public networks.
“The investigation showed that the members of this network were connected online through their social networks, where they conti-nuously and over time shared audiovisual material of violent jihadist activities that were subsequently disseminated to the members of their virtual community,” said a police spokesman.
He added: “This joint operation highlights the exce-llent collaboration between the General Information Co-mmission of the National Police and the Spanish Na-tional Intelligence Centre (CNI), as well as with the General Directorate of Territory Surveillance of the Kingdom of Morocco, es-pecially in the Melilla-Nador axis, which once again has enabled the neutralisation of a dangerous threat that affected both countries.”