|Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Che the much-loved giraffe dies of old age at 24 

One of the oldest giraffes in captivity which had fostered numerous ba-bies has died in a Spanish zoological park.

Staff at the famous Bioparc in Valencia were heartbroken at the death due to old age of “Che” who was rehomed after being born in a zoo from two of the giraffes there.
Che was 24 years of age which is considered old in terms of giraffes who normallly live between ten and 15 years. The record is 27.
Despite her death being expected, the team at Bioparc have been badly hit by the sad news as Che had been loved by thousands of visitors since arriving there in 2007, already aged 12.
Loles Carbonell, one of the veterinarians of BIOPARC, said: “She was pampered and cared for until the end. She was an exceptional friendly animal and got on really well with the park’s other nine giraffes.”
Che became an “adoptive mother” to other rehomed giraffes, calming them and helping them to adjust and shared her luxury home with four antelope right until the end.
“Che was one of the first 16 animals to arrive at BIOPARC in 2007, with others as iconic as the Romulus rhinoceros. Since then her quality of life improved greatly and it was exciting to see her in her new home jogging through the extensive sa-vanna. In 2011 she had his first offspring in public view, who received the name of Africa by popular vote of the Valencians and still lives in BIOPARC. Two years later, in 2013, she gave birth to Kebo, a male who was transferred to Portugal.”