|Friday, July 3, 2020
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Agatha Christie Festival proves international hit and could become annual 

The Agatha Christie Festival in Puerto de la Cruz is more international than ever.

This seventh edition explored a more collaborative and inclusive approach, resulting in the most creative and international edition yet.
According to the comments of the participants themselves, the festival was the best of all those made to date.
This edition was sponsored by Puerto de la Cruz council, through its Department of Tourism, and the Tenerife Tourism and Rehabilitation Consortium. More than 30 organisations collaborated selflessly, including the European University of the Canary Islands.
The festival waa marked by international character in every way, not only by the assistance of speakers from the United Kingdom and Ireland, but more importantly for a tourist destination, the assistance of people attracted by the life and works of Agatha Christie, coming mostly from the United Kingdom but also from places as far away as Canada, who have dis-covered the history and corners of Puerto de la Cruz and that according to the feedback received, will not hesitate to return for a new edition.
An example is Mike and Christian, two tourists staying at the Hotel El Tope and followers of the crime authoress who were visiting from England and Germany.
Mike, very active in social networks, highlighted the creativity of the festival and the treatment received by the organisers, hotels and volun-teers.
All the activities have had a high response from the public, including the historical routes, one of the star activities which put the “sold out” sign on several occasions, the photo exhibition of the time in which Agatha visited the city, the conferences , the original version of the cinema, the theatrical routes, the escape room and the activity in which the National Police partici-pated. Another special success was the tasting of chocolate and wine, inspired by two works by Agatha Christie, The Chocolate box and Sparkling Cyanide. Participants didn’t even known until the end where the event took place as their eyes had been covered.
This edition tried to leave other traces of the writer’s visit, specifically through an artistic performance with the painting of the risers of a staircase that gives access to the San Amaro area, very close to the area through which the writer walked in 1927. On twenty-four steps, the spines of 23 of Agatha Christie’s works have been painted, reserving one of them to include The Secret Notebooks of Agatha Christie, the work of John Curran, the author’s official biographer and a regular at the Puerto festival.
Now the organisation is considering whether this festival should be annual and not biannual as it has been to date.
Ulrike Schmidt, Vice President of the CIT of Puerto de la Cruz, whose participation has been decisive for the success of the festival, said the decision will depend on institutional support and sponsorship but all the team behind the festival are united in the cause.