|Monday, June 1, 2020
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“Seraphicum Splendor” marks 500 years of history 

Five hundred years ago, the history of La Orotava witnessed the arrival of one of the best known religious orders of all time: the Franciscans.

The celebration this year of the Fifth Centenary of the Convent of San Lorenzo is a unique opportunity to highlight the importance that this Franciscan Order had in the historical, artistic, cultural and social development of the Villa, which has been transmitted throughout the different generations until today.
Although there have been many vicissitudes that the Order suffered in time – fires, confiscations and transfers – its impact was very prominent and it is impossible not to find the Franciscan footprint in the Villa. Hence, from that inheritance, an interesting commemorative exhibition, Seraphicum Splendor, is born, whose main objective is to gather the most relevant heritage of the old convent of San Lorenzo and the monastery of Nuns Clarisas of San José in all its manifestations: sculpture, painting, goldsmiths, textiles and documents.
It is also completed with a selection of representations associated with the icono-graphy of San Francisco, coming from both religious precincts and private collections. Therefore, all this material is now shown as a unitary and properly con-textualized set. The exhibition is divided into two venues, the San Roque room (behind the Church of San Agustín) and the sacristy of the Matriz Parroquia de La Concepción. It can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 7pm. Sundays and holidays from 5pm to 8pm.