|Friday, January 15, 2021
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Raids in Canaries in illegal TV operation 

Twelve people have been arrested and 13 police raids carried out, including in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, as part of an ongoing operation to smash the illegal commercialisation of pay-TV and videos.

It’s estimated that the criminal network had more than 20,000 clients across Spain.
Four of the 12 detainees were in charge of obtaining the television signal and its subsequent illegal disse-mination, publicised the service they provided, captured customers, facilitat-ed and managed their access and made the collections. As a result of this operation, seven web pages and two profiles on social networks where illegal services were announced were closed. In addition, 86 television signal decoders, 15 hard drives, ten computers, 17 mobile phones, a high-end vehicle, two NAS servers and 22,919 euros in cash have been intervened.
The investigation began in 2017 with the discovery of a Facebook page with more than 1,700 followers and in which access to pay-TV channels was offered and videos on demand illegally.