|Monday, January 20, 2020
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Police seize 65,000 counterfeit toys, some from the UK 

Agents of the National Police and officials of the Tax Agency, in a joint operation, have seized 65,000 counterfeit toys from an industrial building in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. “The toys lacked the relevant child safety controls, with the consequent risk to the safety of the minors to whom they were intended,” said a police spokesman.

The items, which were prepared for distribution and marketing throughout Spain, have a market value of over 372,000 euros.
The investigation began when officials of the Tax Agency received international informa-tion on possible imports of counterfeit toys. Specifically, they detected a despatch from the United Kingdom with 249 packages suspected of containing counterfeits. Proven the facts, agents of the National Police along with officials of the Tax Agency followed up a delivery of 32 packages to an industrial estate in Fuen-labrada.
Among the toys were small figures that lacked the necessary health checks
Once the warehouse was searched and the packages opened, the agents verified that they contained a large number of counterfeit toys of well-known brands, prepared to be distributed and commer-cialised throughout Spain.
As a result of the operation, the agents have arrested a woman as the alleged author of a crime against industrial property and 65,000 toys have been intervened, with an estimated economic estimate of 372,117.15 euros.