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How is an espensive hearing aid different from a cheap one? 

Are you thinking about getting a new hearing aid? New technology means all sorts of details are now available. Here we explain some of the elements involved.


Continuous automatic ear-to-ear data exchange.
The user can maintain and follow a conversation without losing awareness of what is going on around
The hearing aid adjusts and adapts automatically, opti-mising the microphone con-figuration in each ear de-pending on the environment.


The headphones analyse the sound environment and change the microphone settings between omnidi-rectional and directional. Global sound or focused sound.
Smooth transition so that the user does not notice the change.
More natural sound
Automatic activation for a better understanding of speech.


Adaptive directional fun-ction that changes the settings based on the surrounding noise to achieve optimum directionality.
Conversations are better understood even in dynamic sound environments.


Unique and fast-acting spectral subtraction technology that accurately identifies speech and noise and reduces un-wanted noise without degrading the voice signal.
Provides comfort in noisy listening situations without compromising speech com-prehension.

Specific technique de-signed to detect and reduce wind noise.
Ideal function for users who do: cycling, hiking, golf or simply to enjoy life anywhere outdoors without compro-mising sound quality or speech comprehension.

Coupling cancellation function that uses two cancellation filters to eliminate beeps without reducing amplification or compromising sound quality.
Eliminates feedback from sudden movements and objects placed near the ear.
There is no sound distortion.

Better listening in five different environments.
Hearing aids analyse the surrounding environment and automatically apply the preset gain as the user moves from one acoustic environment to another.
Users benefit from au-tomatic gain adjustments without having to make any manual adjustments them-selves.

Designed to provide more audibility of sounds for those users with severe to profound hearing loss at the high frequency level.

High frequency hearing loss between serious and profound can prevent the audibility of a high-pitched sound, which means that these users will lose speech information in this range, with this function these sounds can become audible.

Automatic adaptation gradually increases the gain over time to finally achieve the prescribed gain.

It allows new hearing aid users to adapt progressively, comfortably and without problems, ideal for users who cannot travel to the hearing centre frequently.

Other functions that are interesting to keep in mind and that make the difference between cheap and expensive:

Rechargeable, the synchronisation of programmes, the remote control of your hearing aids and the transmission of any sound you want from a television, telephone or even a concert. In addition, customers can use their iPhone® or Android ™ phone to control volume and change hearing aid programmes discreetly and remotely.

Hearing aids range from €1000 to €4000, ask for the one that best suits your needs.

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