|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Get cashback now with the new Liberty Seguros promotion! 

The #1 preferred expat insurer in Spain, Liberty Seguros, is again offering more discounts to both existing and new customers through a new Cashback promotion, from now until December 23rd 2019.

If you are already an existing customer and take out one or more new policies whether for Car, Home, Life or Funeral you will receive 60€ Cashback for each one you buy. That means you could receive unlimited cash whilst you protect yourself, your loved ones, your home and your car! Just bear in mind that these offers are not for renewals or replacements.
Don’t worry if you are a new client, you can also benefit. If you switch to Liberty Seguros you’ll get 30€ Cashback on your first premium quote and then 60€ on each of your subsequent new policies.
Basically, the more policies you take out, the more cash you will get back and as there is no limit on policies, there is no limit on cashback!
So,what are you wait-ing for to take out a policy with Liberty Seguros? 
Apart from saving money there are many other advantages that you can benefit from. With your car insurance you will get a courtesy car up to 35 days in case of theft, accident, fire and mechanical breakdown; you even decide in the vehicle repair garage, among other benefits.
If you take out a home insurance, they give you fully comprehensive accidental, including subsidence cover. Liberty Seguros also offers optional extended cover for jewellery and valuables, both inside and outside the home. Both their car and home policies give you access to 24/7 multi-lingual, emergency assistance via freephone so help is always right there when you need it!
Did you know that Liberty Seguros also has an extensive network of around 300 brokers and agents who will be pleased to give you all the help you need and look after you for the long term?
If you value a more personal service and face-to-face contact, Liberty Seguros is your insurer company. Over 175,000 expat clients have already chosen Liberty Seguros, so why not join the leading expat company in Spain now? You know it makes sense!
To find out more, and further details visit www.libertyexpatriates.es. Or simply call 91 342 25 49. Conditions may apply.