|Friday, July 3, 2020
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“Difficult times but opportunities exist” say Arona’s leaders 

Arona has been reinforcing and promoting its tourism strategy in the United Kingdom.

The Mayor, José Julián Mena and tourism councillor, José Alberto Delgado visited the World Travel Market with an ambitious promotional campaign of the destination, focused on the diversification of the offer, highlighting reference events and betting on the sustainability of the municipality, which is immers-ed in the Smart Destination process.
Their attendance at the London event comes in the wake of tourist uncertainty generated by Brexit and the closure of one of the main agencies of tour operation, based in Arona.
Even so, the mayor has explained that “they are difficult times but they also mark opportunities, and we have to know how to take advantage of them, therefore, from #Arona we make a remarkable reinforcement in our tourism strategy to be able to differentiate ourselves as a destination, valuing our product.”
The road map of the Tourist Board focuses on the diversi-fication of the housing, leisure, nature or events offer, micro-segmenting in turn by tastes ages or nationalities, with the aim of reaching the desired profile, being the main commitment to sustainability in its three areas, social, economic and environmental.
The destination is moving away from the unique pro-motion of sun and beach, combining the coast with the centre, putting in value, the culture and historical heritage of this large municipality of more than 100,000 inhabitants.
“We have managed to advance in this area, getting better the sustainability values we address with the Biosphere certification, and that serve us as an effective and reasonable methodology to set goals, ”said the Mayor.
The municipality is immers-ed in a Smart Destination process, in conjunction with the state, assuming an investment of more than 6 million for the city council “with which we reinforce competitiveness and adapt to the new times. In addition, we maintain good relations with Tenerife Tourism and the Canary Islands Government, which together with the Association of Tourist Muni-cipalities of the Canary Islands allow us to move towards better results. ”
The Mayor has also stressed the importance of the Municipal Tourism and Commerce Council that “will be a fundamental tool for Arona, with which represen-tatives from all sectors that are transverse to the tourism industry and administrations, we can periodically and constructively hold meetings that help to solve common problems, setting objectives that are in the general interest.”
In this way, Arona also consolidates its events, turning the ARN Culture and Business Pride, the International Carnival of Los Cristianos, the Folk Fest and Arona into Traditions.