|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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City pledges to tackle “forgotten sports spaces” 

The new city council of Santa Cruz has pledged to restore “forgotten” sports spaces and infrastructure to promote healthy habits and outdoor sports among local families.

The authority has just approved specifications for the rehabilitation of the San Andrés Sports Centre and three basketball courts in La Salud, Ofra and Plaza Duggi.
Sports councillor, Elena Mateo said: “The city council of Santa Cruz is carrying out a transformation of the urban residential space so that all citizens can enjoy the practice of sports near their homes and in the districts.”
The rehabilitation work that will be undertaken includes the replacement of damaged plaster, review of electrical installations, paints and surface treatments of the court.
It is also planned to incorporate a series of elements of new urban furniture and the restitution of baskets and goals.
The Governing Board has carried out the approval of the specifications for the contracting of the works for the recovery of these public sports spaces, which once set in motion will conclude within four months.
The works will not be limited to the enclosures but also their surroundings.
The basic tender budget exceeds an amount of 831,000 euros.