|Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Busy month of cruise arrivals for Santa Cruz 

The capital of Tenerife will receive 18 cruises with 54,410 people between October 11th and 31st.

This was reported by the first deputy mayor and councillor for economic promotion, Matilde Zambudio, who explained that “in the remainder of the month, Santa Cruz will host the visit of these 18 cruise ships, bringing 39,570 passengers and 14,840 crew, according to the forecast provided by Puertos de Tenerife. ”
The days of greatest concentration of cruises were Sunday, October 13th with two ships, on Saturday, October 19th and 26th also with two ships every day, and Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th where three cruises will coincide for each of those days.
Cultural, leisure and revitalisation initiatives such as Plenilunio, on Saturday 26th, will coincide with the arrival of the Aurora and Queen Elizabeth cruises with a total of 5,800 people, with 4,000 cruise passengers and 1,800 crew members, while for Thursday, October 31th, the arrival of the Saga Sapphire ship is expected with 950 people of which 600 are passengers and 350 will be crew members.
For International Tourism Day, celebrated on September 27th, specific actions aimed at cruise passengers and visitors have already been developed including the delivery of an informative piece called ‘Today’ with the main activities taking place in museums and different tourist attractions, as well as information relative to the four free tourist routes from different points of the capital.
“We want our visitors to stay in Santa Cruz and for this we must offer them information about what is happening in our city, Plenilunio being one of the most outstanding initiatives held this month and that will have a wide range of activities for all audiences, ” stressed the councillor.
Tourism in Santa Cruz is an increasingly important sector for the city’s economy. Between January and September 2019, the capital of Tenerife has received a total of 1,464,705 tourists, of which 13,121 were accommodated, 1,050,967 corresponded to hikers while 279,617 were cruise passengers, with an estimated total expenditure of 64,518,029.63 euros and generating some 16,535 jobs in the tourism sector. ”