|Monday, March 1, 2021
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Up for adoption 

How cute are these faces? These two handsome boys are up for adoption at K9. Having recently arrived at the shelter together, they are feeling confused and not sure why they have ended up there. Meet Pipo and Lucky.
Pipo is the small black beauty and Lucky is our tanned Cocker. Both of these boys are 9 years old and it would be a dream come true if we could rehome them both together.

How did they end up at K9? Once again, through no fault of their own. Their owner has moved to Madrid and is unable to take them to the mainland so they wanted them to find a new loving home. At 9 years of age, they do not know what they have done wrong or why they are at K9. There was an option for a friend to take them, who lives on a finca but they would have been by themselves for the majority of the time, so the ex-owner preferred to bring them to K9, so they would have a chance of finding a new loving home to live out the rest of their years.
Pipo is very out going and very friendly, whereas Lucky can be a little shy and can bark at dogs when out walking so we would recommend a house with no small children. They have been together a long time so if they could find a new loving home together, how amazing would that be for them both. They both deserve a second chance, wouldn’t you agree?
You can meet them at K9, any day between 9.30-1.30pm and take them for a walk also. They are only 2 our some of our recent arrivals at the shelter so we would be so happy if you came up to meet them and all our other dogs and cats who are all looking for their second chance to find a new loving forever family.
Can you help, or know anybody that can help? These two are probably our oldest dogs at the shelter so we want to find them new homes as soon as possible.