|Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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United Nations’ award for environmental work 

The work carried out by the Civil Protection Service of the Civil Guard (Seprona) has been awarded by the United Nations.

The prize was presented in Kiev (UKRAINE) within the regional ceremony of the Montreal Protocol World Award for customs agents and police (“Global Montreal Protocol Award For Customs and Enforcement Officers”).
It was accepted by the General Chief of Seprona, Antonio Tocón, along with the Environmental Department Prosecutor, Antonio Vercher, accompanied by the Spanish ambassador to Ukraine, Silvia Cortés.
These prizes are awarded every two or three years after applying for applications worldwide. In this case, as in the previous two editions, the Headquarters of SEPRONA together with the Coordinating Office of the Environment and Urban Planning have been awarded the aforementioned award after submitting a joint application.
The award granted this year to SEPRONA and the Environmental Coordinating Prosecutor’s Office is mainly for four operations carried out by the Central Operating Environment Unit of the Civil Guard and peripheral units of SEPRONA during 2018 regarding the fight against illegal greenhouse gases.
During the presentation of this prestigious award, the representative of the Ozone Secretary of the Environment Program of United Nations, Gilbert Bankiveza highlighted the enormous importance of having almost 2,000 police officers specialised in environmental crimes, such as the Seprona de the Spanish Civil Guard, pioneer in this regard.