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Types of hearing aids 

We know what you are probably thinking, that hearing aids are ugly, uncomfortable and expensive.
Well, that could have been true many years ago but not today. Forget about the bulky and ugly objects of the past. Our hearing aids are beautifully designed, easy to use and so small that they will be difficult for anyone to see. And what’s more, they are super comfortable, so you can use them all day. Which is great, because, let’s face it, life is for living and enjoying, with all the senses.


Earphone in the ear. Ideal if you have a moderate level hearing loss and it is a combination of “hearing aid behind the ear (BTE)” and “hearing aid in the ear canal (ITE)”.

The sounds are picked up by a device housed behind the ear.
The receiver (microphone) sends the sound to the ear canal and transmits these amplified sounds directly to the ear. The result is exceptional sound quality, which makes this a great option for a discreet and contemporary look with great performance.

It is par excellence preferred by professionals and users.

BTE (retroauricular)
These powerful hearing aids are for you if you have a more severe hearing loss, since they usually offer the greatest amplification and a lot of benefits.

BTE type headphones are placed comfortably behind the ear and the sound is directed to the ear canal from the hearing aid through a tube.
An additional benefit is that they are very durable, since there are no electronic components within the ear canal.

They are used when there are large losses.

ITE (custom hearing aids)
ITE hearing aids are placed inside the ear. They are custom molded to the ear headphones and the sizes affected from the “Completely in the Channel” (CIC) model, virtually invisible, to a powerful “Shell” (ITE) format.

CIC (Completely in Channel)
When what matters most is discretion: nobody perceives that you use the small CIC model. People will notice how well you hear, not the hearing aid.

ITC (on the channel)
Direct sound from the phone: our ITC model is made for Apple. It allows you to access your smartphone and transmit calls, music or GPS instructions directly to the aid.

ITE (In-the-Ear)
More power when needed: if you are looking for a hearing aid that is easy to handle and has a longer battery life, this small and powerful ITE model is for you. It has ear-to-ear communication, wireless connectivity and technology Made for Apple for direct audio transmission.


Personalised hearing aids are not ideal for patients who form a lot of wax, when they cover their ears, they retain moisture and make them prone to infections.

Let yourself be advised by a professional. Sometimes your needs do not match our needs. The hearing care professional will evaluate your hearing and advise you on the best hearing aid according to your needs.

In our centre, we will perform the necessary tests to verify your hearing and you can choose the hearing aid that best suits your budget.

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