|Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Tourist “glassed” after violent robbery 

National Police arrested two men aged 35 and 32 who stole a tour ist’s wallet in Arona and then hit him with a bottle in the face when he discovered the theft.

The incident happened at dawn outside the establishments of a leisure area.
Officers on duty saw two men running down the street and when they were spotted, they threw away a wallet. At the same time, other national police officers who were at the security checkpoint in the leisure zone were informed by nightclub surveillance personnel that a tourist had been the victim of a violent robbery.
Apparently, two men stole his wallet and, when the victim noticed and faced them, one of them rushed him from behind, smashed a bottle in his face and he fell to the ground.
The agents located the victim lying on the floor with a bloody face, so they quickly requested healthcare.
During the identification of the two men seen running away, police noticed that one of them had a cut in the hand.
The wallet containing credit cards and documents was retrieved.