|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Religious exhibition in La Laguna 

The Mayor of La Laguna, Francisco Linares and the parish priest Óscar Guerra inaugurated the exhibition “Seraphicum Splendor”.

The event had a large audience and the curator of the exhibition, Juan Luis Bardón, also participated.
Five hundred years ago, the history of La Villa de La Orotava witnessed the arrival of one of the best known religious orders of all time: the Franciscans. Around them, a whole evolution of culture, intellect and art has been generated that has been transmitted throughout the different generations until today.
Although there have been many vicissitudes that the Order and its legacy have suffered, the impact was such that it is impossible not to find the Franciscan footprint in the Villa. Hence, from that heritage, this magnificent exhibition is born.
This commemorative exhibition aims to gather the most important heritage of the former convent of San Lorenzo and the monastery of Poor Clares nuns in San José in all its manifestations: sculpture, painting, goldsmithing, textiles and documents.
This inheritance is displayed as a unitary and properly contextualized set. It is divided into two locations, the San Roque room (rear of San Agustín) and the sacristy of the Parent Parish. It is also completed with a selection of representations associated with the iconography of San Francisco, coming from both religious precincts and private collections.
Seraphicum Splendor: the Franciscan legacy in La Orotava, is a project of the Franciscan Brotherhood of the Blessed Christ of the Garden and Our Lady of Solitude in collaboration with the Museum of Sacred Art “The Treasure of the Conception”, the Parent Parish, the Town Hall from the Villa de La Orotava and the Bishopric of Tenerife. The sample has the support of brotherhoods, parishes, institutions and individuals.