|Friday, July 3, 2020
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Rare white tiger found in cage next to swimming pool! 

Police in Spain were astonished to find one of the world’s rarest white tigers in a cage next to the swimming pool of a luxury villa!

The shock discovery happened in Alicante where, it is believed, the couple kept the animal simply as a “trophy of their success”.
The albino tiger is one of the last 20 of its kind in the world.
National Police also seized large amounts of weapons, cocaine and marijuana and arrested the couple for an alleged crime of drug traffi-cking. Guns including a rifle and pistol, as well as a bulletproof vest, were found.
The tiger was being kept in a wire cage adjacent to the pool in their luxury villa in the Alicante region of El Rebolledo.
Several rooms in the villa were being used to cultivate marijuana and more than 100 plants were seized.
The man and woman, aged 36 and 32, are of Spanish nationality. They claim the tiger was owned by a friend but health experts at the local council say by law, the animal has to be kept in a proper habitat to help prevent extinction.
The albino or white tiger, whose scientific name is that of ‘panthera tigris albinus’, is a feline subspecies that is believed to be extinct in the natural environment. There are about 20 specimens in captivity in the world, among zoos and other centres.