|Monday, September 28, 2020
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Miss Sur 2019, much more than a “beauty contest” 

The 19 applicants of ‘Miss Sur’ 2019 were presented at Siam Park in a ceremony held at the “Coco beach”.

The young women them-selves had the opportunity to get to know this area and, in addition, they experienced the adrenaline rush in most of the Park’s attractions.
In addition to the young candidates, Sandro Pérgola, organiser and director of Miss Sur and María Clavijo, councillor for culture of Adeje council, were present.
The ‘Miss Sur’ gala, whose origins date back to 2012, is celebrated for the eighth consecutive year in the municipality of Adeje. The event will take place on Friday, October 18th at the Plaza de España (9:30 pm) and admission will be free. It is included in the extensive programme of the Patron Festivities 2019.
Organisers stress that ‘Miss Sur’ is not a simple conven-tional beauty pageant, since applicants have the opportunity to develop in different areas of communication, image and healthy lifestyles. In addition, during the course of “Miss South”, values such as respect, mutual support, empathy and teamwork are promoted. These are some of the elements that make this event an opportunity for learning and development for all of them, regardless of a crown or title.
“Miss Sur” has been fully consolidated and has significant support from private companies, as well as from most public institutions in southern Tenerife. The municipalities of Adeje, Arona, Santiago del Teide, Granadilla de Abona, San Miguel de Abona, Arico, Arafo, Fasnia, participate.
The candidates are Rossy Zambrano, Estela DelSol, Ainoa Echeverría, Jennifer Díaz, Raque Díaz, Belzabeth González, Victoria Acosta, Paula Bethencourt, Adriana Mora, Bárbara Quintero, Laura Rodríguez, Alora Pop, Paola Figel, Jessica Arias, Marjorie González, Idaira Toledo, Ingrid Pigeón, Athenea Méndez and Tania López.