|Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Men brandishing a knife rob garage and chemist 

Two men, one armed with a knife, brought terror to a petrol station in Puerto de la Cruz and a pharmacy in Los Realejos.

National Police arrested two suspects, aged 50 and 48, for robbery with violence and intimidation.
At the service station in La Vera, a man with his head covered with a hat threatened a staff member with a large knife. He then made his escape by brandishing the knife at a car driver, making him get out so he could steal his car and drive away. A second man who had been waiting for him also jumped in.
In the pharmacy, a man also covered his head to make his identification difficult and entered the premises with a large knife, with which he intimidated the clerk to give him money from the cash register. He then got into a dark-coloured car, driven by another man, in which they fled.
A police investigation managed to identify the alleged perpetrator of the theft in the pharmacy; a middle-aged man with a background for similar incidents.
This man was associated with another robbery that they also investigated, which was committed at a gas station in Puerto de la Cruz. The national police identified and arrested the other man who allegedly participated in both events, also with a history of crime. National police officers completed the investigation with the arrest of the individuals.