|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Mapfre reinforces its commitment to foreign residents and provides a support service for English speakers 

The 600,000 English-speaking citizens residing in Spain will have a personalised phone support channel in their language.

As part of its commitment to foreign residents, MAPFRE has started a new service for English-speaking customers; a contact number specifically for this group (912-747-600), where they can request commercial information and submit claims in their own language.
According to surveys taken by the company, these customers value service, the quality-to-price ratio and personalised service especially. According to the insurance company, this special support channel and informative material translated into English are being provided to them. The purpose of this initiative is to streamline commu-nication with English-speaking citizens as much as possible, assuring customers that they will be served and understood properly.
There are currently over 600,000 foreign citizens residing in Spain who speak this language, from countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, India and Australia. The purpose of this proposal is to become the trusted insurance company for this group, which is located in Spain primarily in the coastal regions, Madrid and Bar-celona. The company already has 50,000 English-speaking customers.
In April of this year, MAPFRE began a commer-cial strategy aimed at the Chinese population in Spain: over 215,000 people. “With these initiatives, MAPFRE is seeking to maximize per-sonalised service offered to customers, adapting to the individual needs at all times,” says Manuel Maestro, assistant manager for Business Development at MAPFRE SPAIN.
MAPFRE is the leading insurer in the Spanish market, leader in the Automobile, Home and Companies business, among other lines, with 6.5 million customers, nearly 11,000 employees in the country and around 3,000 offices distributed throughout the territory: the largest Spanish insurance network.