|Friday, July 3, 2020
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La Laguna carries out urgent work at Ateneo 

La Laguna council has started work to shore up and clear debris at the historic Ateneo ravaged by fire.

The work was deemed very urgent to prevent the property from suffering further deterioration because of the lack of a roof, destroyed during the fire on October 4th.
“The large amount and weight of the debris accumulated on the second floor and the lack of roofing make the property in a risk situation, so the municipal planning management has accelerated the procedures to intervene as soon as possible,” said a council spokesman.
Once all the material has been removed, the provisional cover will be put on to prevent the rain from causing further damage to the building.
The council anticipates that if there is no type of setback due to the weather, the emergency work will be finished in the first few days of November.