|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Free gymnastics for the elderly 

El Rosario has launched its free gymnastics campaign for the elderly. This initiative is carried out twice a week in four different areas of the municipality.

The maintenance gymnastics programme is free, is aimed at people over 60 or people with disabilities registered in ElRosario and will take place between October 2019 and June 2020.
This activity is carried out with the objective of delaying the effects of aging, cultivating the physical, psychological and social state of the person.To do this, different exercises have been designed that improve the performance, flexibility, balance and circulation of users, which result in an increase in the sense of well-being and an improvement in interpersonal relationships of the elderly person.
The workshop is a unique opportunity for the municipality’s third age group to have a chance to get back into shape throughout this new season.
This activity will be distributed by the respective areas of the municipality, in order to bring it closer to the elderly in their own environment so they don’t have to travel.
During the maintenance sessions, different physical exercises will be carried out according to the age of the participants , as well as breathing and relaxation techniques and memory training exercises to maintain a better quality of life.