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Fight continues in Fuerteventura to get renovation go-ahead for Hotel Riu Oliva Beach 

Workers at the Hotel Riu Oliva Beach in Fuerteventura have reacted with anger and dismay after learning that it could be another month before a long-awaited renovation licence is finally decided on.

The campaign group “Save the Oliva Beach” says the delay, for well over a year and a half, is ridiculous and is causing great concern to around 400 people who either work at the hotel (300 staff) or are family members reliant on their wages.
President of the Govern-ment of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres met recently, in the capital of Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario, with a representation of the workers of the Oliva Beach hotel, located in the municipality of La Oliva, on the coast of Playa Grande.
Accompanied by the pre-sident of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Blas Acosta, and by the socialist senator of that island, Paloma Hernán-dez, he assured that the decision of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, of the department of Costas, about the file of reform will be known within a month.
He said this was the information that he had received the day before in Madrid, during a meeting he had with Minister Teresa Ribera on the matter. Sr. Torres said “that is the commit-ment” of the central govern-ment and also stressed that his will “is always to preserve jobs within the strictest legality” in that area of tourist use.
Sr. Torres said he has already been to Madrid up to four times to take an interest in the progress of the file managed by Costas.
“We can’t wait any longer,” he said. “We left Madrid with the commitment on the part of the Ministry to have the report in less than a month to be able to undertake the works legally.”
Sr. Acosta said a delay of more than a year for permission to carry out the reforms was unacceptable which is why they wanted decisions of this nature to be taken at Canary level, not in Madrid.
“I strongly believe that this community must have a coastal advisor, which has differentiated us from other tourist destinations. This is a complex file but we will work on it, be able to move forward with a firm con-clusion and a clear purpose, which is none other than defending the right to be able to rehabilitate that establishment and keep the jobs. We will not lose a single job but we will not tolerate the delay in the evaluation of files by the Ministry” he said.
President of the Save the Oliva Beach Platform, Adrián Fernández thanked the dis-position of both the President of the Canary Islands Govern-ment and the Island Council because he said “it is not the first time that they have gone to Madrid. They have fought and, although we still have no solution, we know the complexity of the matter. The conclusion of today’s meeting is that there is a will on all sides. We are afraid of losing jobs and the Canary Islands must see more from Madrid. ”
He said they were very disappointed at news of another delay and blamed the wait on the outcome of the General Election in Novem-ber.
“ Once again we detect little respect from our politicians in the face of such a serious problem that affects the stability and future of work of more than 400 families,” he said.
The collective is now planning mass demonstra-tions, saying: “We encourage all those who can accompany us in this very important act for all the workers of that establishment who only wish to keep and guarantee their work in a modern and adapted centre before the demands of this competitive tourist market. We thank everyone for the follow-up they make of this news and once again unconditionally support our colleagues at the Hotel Riu Oliva Beach.”