|Monday, January 20, 2020
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Driving experts stress children need seatbelts! 

Spain’s driving directorate has voiced grave concern after a campaign showed just how many children travel in cars without the legal restraints.

In just seven days of checks, agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group detected 232 minors not properly belted up. Specifically, 63 of them occupied front seats and 169 were in the rear seats.
“This data is of particular concern to the General Directorate of Traffic, as one of the objectives set in the 2011-2020 approved Road Safety Strategy is to ensure that no child loses his life by not sitting in a chair appropriate to his weight and height,” said a spokesman.
 During the week of September 30th to October 6th, agents checked 402,981 vehicles, in which they detected 4,000 driver or passenger infractions that did not use the regulatory retention system.
In addition to the 232 minors who travelled without any retention, another 3,768 adults travelled without using the seat belt.
The Directorate says: “The seat belt is a basic and fundamental element of road safety. For this reason, its use is mandatory for all occupants of the vehicle and on all types of roads. In addition, the correct use of it is essential to fulfill the task for which it was created.”