|Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Dogs which are overlooked 

This isn’t something I like to say, but there are many dogs in K9 who get overlooked.

Whether they are too shy, too nervous, too old or too big, they never get the love and attention that some of our more playful, younger dogs get, which leaves them living longer and longer in a kennel and not getting the love and happy life that they really deserve.
Back in November 2017, this particular boy was found by the police in San Miguel near to K9. He was given the name Raven. He was not in good condition. He was skin and bone and for his height, this was not a good way for him to be in. We reckoned he was about two years of age at the time which would make him about four years of age now. K9 took him in and started to build him up. He slowly started to gain weight and is in great condition now. Raven is a very unique and special boy.
For those of you who are familiar with him or have walked him, you will know just how playful he can be and he would absolutely love a play mate. He has a brilliant personality and you cannot help but fall in love with this extremely handsome boy. When out walking Raven, he can have very playful moments and for those not experienced with dogs, this can put them off him. This makes me sad because he is just misunderstood and really deserves a second chance at a loving home.
Raven currently lives on his own in the kennel, but has been socialised with other playful female dogs who he had so much fun with. He has a lot of energy and needs somewhere to use it up so this is ideal for him. He loves to run around and have fun and is most happy when he is playing.
Raven is a favourite among most of the K9 volunteers who work there most days of the week and sometimes like to play a game with us. We have a big pace up the top of our kennels which our dogs get to use daily, and get to run around for a little while. Raven loves this space so much that when we call him to come down, he comes down half way, waits for us to open the gate, and then runs back up to the top again! That could go on for a while sometimes, but most of the time he comes down and if given the opportunity, will come in for a big cuddle.
The photograph here doesn’t do Raven any justice. When you see him in real life, he is a stunning dog. Brindle colour and a big dog, but he has a got a big heart.
Can you offer Raven a second chance? Have you got a playful dog that is looking for someone to play with? Raven would be the perfect addition to your family. Please do not over look him and come up and meet him.