|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Dog walker dies of meningitis after fox bite 

A dog walker aged 60 has died of meningitis after being bitten by a fox,
health chiefs in Spain have confirmed.

The man was attacked by the infected animal whilst he was out in the countryside near his home in the town of Castellfort in the Valencia region.
The victim spotted the fox lying in bushes and thinking it was either dead or injured, approached it. However, the fox jumped up and bit him before running away.
Valencia’s health department says the man later developed meningitis and could not be saved. He died a few days after the incident.
According to health sources, the man did not go to the doctor to check the bite on the day it happened but eventually went to the General Hospital of Castellón, when he started to feel increasingly unwell.
Hospital health professionals confirmed that the death was a consequence of the bacterial infection caused by the fox bite.
The man, who was Spanish, lived in Castellfort where the unusual death has “caused great consternation”, according to the Mayoress, Rosa Adela Segura who has conveyed her condolences to his family.
Wildlife experts say anyone spotting an injured wild animal should not approach it because of the health risks and personal danger but contact the authorities.
“They are not pets and can react unpredictably when they consider themselves to be in danger,” said one expert.