|Monday, January 20, 2020
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Design “flaw” for Puerto bus station gives turning headache 

The government team, the municipal technical staff and the Local Police of Puerto de la Cruz are working together with the Cabildo de Tenerife and the company that is carrying out the construction works for the bus station to try to mitigate the negative effects that the commissioning of the new facility will have on traffic and mobility in the area.

Councillor for sustainable city and planning, David Hernández,said: “unfortuna-tely, the project and the work of the bus station do not adapt everything they should to the environment, so it will have to be the environment that suits the station .”
Sr. Hernández highlights the difficulties that vehicles will have to turn inside the enclosure due to space limitations. This, he under-lines, “will force many of the buses that enter the station to let passengers leave and take a complete turn around the block through Hermanos Fernández Perdigón Avenue, El Peñón and El Pozo streets and Melchor Luz avenue in order to re-enter and be able to get to the exit dock .”
He points out that a 2014 municipal technical report – four years before the works began – already warned of the “disproportionate” condition that Melchor Luz avenue would suffer due to this circumstance, but points out that it is now when the necessary measures to plan traffic management and reduce as much as possible the negative effects must be taken.
In this regard, the Mayor, Marco González, points out that until a few months ago the instructions of the Local Police to organise mobility in the area had not been taken into account, although they are responsible for ordering, signaling and directing the traffic in the city. “It is not acceptable that the main connoisseurs of the reality of the mobility of our city were not involved in time and form in this process of design and construction of the station,” he said.
Once the works of the station are finished, and before they are put into operation, tests will be carried out to verify exactly how many buses will have to leave the premises, turn around the block and re-enter the facility to pick up passengers. In addition to everything necessary to finalise the vertical and horizontal signaling solutions that allow to lessen the affection to Melchor Luz Avenue, the mayor indicates that different alternatives are being studied to optimise traffic and safety in the entire environment of the station. A space will also be enabled on Hermanos Fer-nández Perdigón Avenue for interurban buses, which will not operate inside the station.
Regarding the deadlines for completion, Sr. Hernández recalls that on the 30th of this month the extension granted by the Cabildo de Tenerife to the company responsible for the works expires, but that, in any case, it will still take several months until the station ican be put into operation, since Titsa must still perform different jobs inside the enclosure.
The councillor says he prefers to be prudent and not give a specific date, al-though he clarifies that, in any case, everything in-dicates that the station cannot be opened before the end of the year.