|Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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World mountain runner confirms place in Santa Cruz Extreme 

Cristofer Clemente, of the Salomon Team and runner-up in the world in mountain races, has confirmed his participation in the next edition of the Fred Olsen Santa Cruz Extreme that will take place on October 19th and will run along the paths of the Biosphere Reserve from Anaga. More than 600 runners have registered to participate.

This year, for the first time, the test incorporates the calculation of the carbon footprint, the previous step “to its future compensation through a repopulation, thus making it a carbon neutral event”, according to Florentino Guzmán Plasencia, councillor of security, mobility and environment of Santa Cruz city council.
Fred Olsen Santa Cruz Extreme will start from Las Teresitas beach – for the two longest tests – to enter the depths of Anaga, with more than 3,600 metres of positive slope. This mountain test has different distances that allow a varied offer to lovers of this discipline. Its offer starts from a marathon of 49km, a half marathon of 26km and another of 15km.
This sporting event incorpo-rated a new modality and thus this year the “II International Mountain Racing Champion-ship with Joëlette” will be held, in a 9km course that will start from the Los Catalanes farm-house, a challenge in teams of four people, three crew members and their passenger with reduced mobility.
Registration must be formalised on the santacruz-extreme.com website before October 14th.
Santa Cruz Extreme has been and is a sporting event that assumes as its own all the principles of the “Guide of good practices for the development of mountain races in protected natural areas” edited by the FEDME and EUROPARC and contemplates, among other measures, the signage with-out paint, plaster or lime, and only with temporary beacons that are removed imme-diately after the end of the test; the promotion of collective public transport for the transfer of participants, selective separation of waste both at the finish line and in the supplies, through suitable containers to facilitate their collection and the prohibition of dumping liquid or solid waste out of the points destined for this purpose, being able to be disqualifi-ed any participant who breaches this precept.
Also, the runners are offered reused water ported and accessible by means of drums intended for each participant to fill their own container (glass, bottle or water bag). Glasses and bottles are not provided to participants and refresh-ments with unpackaged food and peeled fruit, and with the use of cutlery and cardboard plates. All this, says Florentino Guzmán Plasencia, with the objective of “consolidating the environmental commit-ment at the local and island level but also globally, taking measures aimed at the fight against climate change”.
Cristofer Clemente, born in San Sebastián de La Gomera, was last year runner-up in the Trail world and world champion by selections in Penyagolosa Trails, with a time of 8h 46min 19sec.
The Santa Cruz Extreme is a sporting event of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council that is carried out by the Santa Cruz Sustainable Canary Foundation and is sponsored by Fred Olsen, Turismo de Tenerife and the Sports Area of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council. Hotel Silken, Seat Motor 7 Islas and Bimbo also collaborate.