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Why you should choose Tenerife as a dental holiday destination 

As published in late 2018 by the German statistics portal Statista, for dental services, “in the UK, due to the large waiting lists and rising costs, more individuals are willing to pay for private care.”

The same year, the Telegraph newspaper confirmed a situation that certain European countries have taken advantage of: “If you urgently need dental treatment like an extraction or a filling, then the NHS of course provides it. However, more expensive dental treatment such as dental implants, crowns, root canal surgery or veneers can be cheaper abroad than done via the NHS , up to 50-70% cheaper, according to some estimates. For cosmetic changes like teeth whitening, private dental care can usually be found far cheaper in overseas clinics than in the UK. ”
More and more people are making use of the so-called “dental tourism”, the one that refers to people who travel abroad to undergo oral treatment at lower prices. The treatments range from the placement of dental implants, crowns or bridges; to the manufacture of dentures, root canal treatments, fillings, veneers or whitening.
In Australia, for example, dental treatment in Southeast Asia that includes flying and staying in a luxury hotel may be the same price as just the treatment alone in the oceanic country.
In the United States, Patients Beyond Borders, one of the most popular foreign clinic seekers, says “dental tourism accounts for nearly half of all medical travel. Last year some 800,000 Americans crossed borders (mostly to Mexico and Costa Rica) for dental care, while more than six million patients worldwide travelled to destinations all over the globe to fix their teeth. ”
Likewise, the specialised publication for the dental sector, Dentist Money Digest, publishes that “dental tourism is a booming business”, and although it recommends certain precautions such as investigating the clinic and checking the state of health before travelling, it ensures that there are clinics and search engines to fully trust when choosing a centre abroad. Itcites as an example Dayo Dental to look for clinics in Mexico among Americans.
“The doctors they select are highly trained, teach in universities, take multiple CE course in the States; some have even been trained at universities within the United States. They also give a guarantee for their restorative treatments provided that the patients return for yearly follow up visits, ” they explain. Patients Beyond Borders states bluntly: “The travelling dental patient need not sacrifice quality to save money.”
Dental tourism has also become in recent years a consolidated option among the British. And more so in a growing sector. “In 2018, consumer spending on dental services was at approximately 3.7 billion British pounds, an increase on the previous years and the highest figure in the provided time interval. Since 2005, the household spending on dental services has almost tripled. However, many individuals in the UK are deterred from visiting the dentist due to the cost of treatment, ”adds the Statista portal.

 Tenerife advantages

 According to Dentaly.org, the largest online provider of independent information about dental care and oral problems, Spain is one of the best destinations to have a dental implant, one of the most sought after treatments by foreigners due to the large difference in prices. And it makes a comparison between several countries, including Spain and the United Kingdom. Thus, the average price of a unit implant in the UK is 2,000 pounds, and that of a porcelain veneer is 600 pounds. In Spain, where the average flight price is around 55 pounds, the price of a unit implant is 750 pounds; and that of the veneer, of 200.
Spain is the fifth economy of the European Union, and its health system is one of the best on the continent. Tenerife is also one of the main tourist destinations in the United Kingdom, with extensive experience in the services sector and impressive air connections with the rest of Europe, especially with the United Kingdom and Germany, taking into account the size of the territory.
The Artedental clinic, located in one of the best known tourist enclaves of Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, and specialised in the attention to foreigners, knows the factors that make the island an ideal place for dental treatments. “Our facilities and equipment have nothing to envy to the best centers in Europe, constantly updated, research and training. The Island has two international airports and one of the largest commercial and passenger ports in Europe. In addition, Tenerife is well prepared at the level of hotel facilities and has a an impressive tourist leisure offer. That without counting the weather, one of the best in the world, with an average of 23 degrees and the tourist attraction of nature and beach, perfect for relaxing after a postoperative period. Our clinic also has a polyglot team capable of attending to patients in perfect English or German, ”explains Amaya Sáez, director of the clinic which attends patients in both languages. “That the patient feels the security of being perfectly understood is a fundamental factor for someone who leaves their health in the hands of another person,” he adds.
To consult their services in this area, they have a website dedicated exclusively to it: https://www.artedentalclinic.com/en/dental-tourism/

Sáez explains that, the best reference for a patient who plans to be treated abroad is given precisely by the experience of someone who has already been in the clinic:

In fact, according to the German portal, the decisive factors in the United Kingdom to opt for a clinic are, in this order:

  1. The trust
  2. The certainty that the material in the surgeries is hygienic and sterilised
  3. Direct and clear communication about treatments and interventions
  4. Good customer service
  5. The adaptation of visiting hours
  6. Direct and clear communication about the guidelines to follow between one appointment and another
  7. The reputation of the clinic