|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Terrorist suspect found hiding in Spain 

A terrorist suspect who was helping to plan an attack with kalashnikovs in Paris in 2016 has finally been arrested hiding in Spain.

National Police have detained E.M.A, a 25-year-old Moroccan, in the Alicante town of Elda for his alleged involvement in the crimes of document falsehood, tax fraud and fraud.
In 2016, an investigation was launched into a structure of the DAESH external apparatus, which operated in Europe and whose main missions were to recruit new members for the organisation and plan attacks.
Thus, the plot’s operational members had planned to carry out an attack with kalashnikovs on December 1, 2016 in Paris, which was thwarted thanks to the police action. During the development of this investigation, three people were identified, belonging to the DAESH external apparatus, which operated from Germany providing logistic support and false documentation to other terrorists, so that they could use it in their travels through Europe.
Subsequently, in 2017 the German authorities carried out an operation in which two of the members of the logistic support group were arrested, although EMA managed to escape and fled from Germany, hiding and moving clandestinely through several countries, until arriving in Spain .
“E.M.A intended to remain permanently in Spain and tried to go unnoticed. Thus, to avoid being detected, he took numerous security measures. However, the agents managed to follow in our country and stop him in the aforementioned town of the Spanish Levante, where he was hiding,” said a police spokesman.